Analyze Data

Detailed statistical consulting will help you make sense of your findings and make sure you are drawing the correct conclusions in the discussion section of your dissertation.

Idleman & Associates are experienced in a wide variety of statistical techniques and can provide a personalized approach to analysis that meets your needs. You will get clear, written reports on the results generated.

We will

  • provide data entry if needed.
  • download participant responses from online survey platforms.
  • clean data and identify outliers.
  • address missing data.
  • assess reliability of instrument(s).
  • assure the assumptions of the statistical procedures have been met.
  • create tables and text to describe results.

Dissertation Data Analysis Cost Estimates

Data entry

  • $45/hour, based on your data needs

Data analysis

  • Based on complexity of research questions, data, and statistical procedures
  • 1‒6 hours at $130/hour

Create tables and text to describe results of data analysis

  • Based on complexity of research questions and number of tables
  • 6‒15 hours at $130/hour

Lynda Idleman in Action: A Case Study

  • The Situation

    A doctoral candidate in Educational Leadership was studying the influence of alternative schooling on students’ performance in the home school environment.

  • Candidate's Concerns

    • Data collected did not match proposed data in methodology section
  • Dr. Idleman's Actions

    • Some data were not collected at both pre- and post intervention points in the study, as planned. Changed the focus of several research questions from comparison of pre- and post-intervention data to questions requiring descriptive questions about performance.
    • Data collected came from students in grades different from what was proposed. Revised the participant section of the methodology to reflect actual data collected.
    • Analyzed data and wrote findings based on revised research questions and new methodology.
    • Edited methodology section to reflect how the study was actually conducted.
  • The Outcome

    The candidate defended the dissertation in early 2020.

    Note: Changes in proposed methodology can be made after data are collected, and the type of analysis can change based on the data that are collected. This is a common practice but can reflect only minor changes in participants, sample size, and research questions.

Lynda Idleman in Action: A Case Study

  • The Situation

    A doctoral candidate in Education – PK12 Leadership passed the dissertation defense but with a number of changes required in the results section.

  • Candidate's Concerns

    • Required a more extensive description of how participants were recruited and how data were collected
    • Add the results of the questionnaire
  • Dr. Idleman's Actions

    • Described in greater detail how participants were recruited
    • Analyzed responses to questionnaire
    • Produced tables to describe participants and their responses
    • Summarized questionnaire responses in the results section
  • The Outcome

    Revision was accepted by the committee in 2019.

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Jillian Nichols, EdD

Adjunct Professor, Reinhardt University

“I appreciate your patience with me and with my statistical ignorance throughout this process.  Thank you for everything."

Vince Eugenio, PhD

Senior Manager, Learning Operations, MSC Industrial Supply, Metro Atlanta, Georgia

“I can speak from experience when I say you should see Lynda before writing Chapter 3, to save heartache and headache in writing Chapter 4. I recommend working with a statistician right from the start to help formulate the questions and set up the methodology.  Lynda Idleman not only has the capability to perform the statistical analysis but also the breadth of experience to ask the right questions at the right time.”

Joy Viness, PhD

Principal, Paulding County Georgia Schools

"Thank you for your help, support, and expertise.  I have enjoyed working with you throughout this process."