Collect Data

Idleman & Associates will help develop procedures for data collection and for maintaining quality control over the process.

We will

  • format questionnaires.
  • manage online email databases.
  • recommend appropriate ways to utilize social media platforms to collect data.
  • increase response rate using reminders.

Dissertation Data Collection Cost Estimates

Format questionnaires

  • 1‒2 hours at $130/hour

Create online questionnaires

  • 1‒3 hours at $130/hour

Manage email database

  • 1‒2 hours at $130/hour

Manage online collection with reminders

  • 1‒2 hours at $130/hour

Lynda Idleman in Action: A Case Study

  • The Situation

    A post-doctoral Nursing faculty member is conducting a study to validate a new instrument that assesses nurse manager competencies.

  • Candidate's Concerns

    • Choosing the best method of data collection
    • Assistance with creating the questionnaire
    • Assistance with analyzing the data
  • Dr. Idleman's Actions

    • Created a Delphi questionnaire to survey experts on a list of competencies nurse managers need to be able to help clinical practice nurses
    • Analyzed data during two rounds of the Delphi technique and found consensus among pilot participants
    • Revised the questionnaire to prepare for the full study
  • The Outcome

    Individual has finalized the questionnaire for participation in a large collaborative study.

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Michelle Byrne, PhD, RN, CNOR, CNE

Former Professor of Nursing, Tanner Health System School of Nursing, University of West Georgiay

“Lynda has an expertise that I surely do not possess... she loves stats…and is an expert with survey development."

Vince Eugenio, PhD

Senior Manager, Learning Operations, MSC Industrial Supply, Metro Atlanta, Georgia

“I can speak from experience when I say you should see Lynda before writing Chapter 3, to save heartache and headache in writing Chapter 4. I recommend working with a statistician right from the start to help formulate the questions and set up the methodology.  Lynda Idleman not only has the capability to perform the statistical analysis but also the breadth of experience to ask the right questions at the right time.”

Trish Greene, PhD

Former Senior Vice President of Patient Services, Leukemia Society of America, New York, NY

"I consider Lynda a teacher, as well as a consultant, because I learned so much from the experience. It was like independent study with a statistician."