Finalize Methodology

Idleman & Associates will provide support as you finalize the methodology you plan to use.

We will

  • refine research questions to facilitate analysis, if needed.
  • identify statistical analyses that address the questions.
  • develop the optimal sampling strategy.
  • determine the appropriate sample size for your study.
  • review the reliability and validity of your data collection instruments.
  • revise or edit the analysis section.
  • work with you to address questions concerning your methodology and data analysis plan.

Lynda Idleman in Action: A Case Study

  • The Situation

    A doctoral candidate in Nursing Education planned to survey student nurses’ attitudes toward certain groups within the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Candidate's Concerns

    • How to operationalize variables
    • Determine appropriate sample size
    • Improve response rate
  • Dr. Idleman's Actions

    • Suggested operationalizing two variables measuring constructs using a Likert-like scale with 11 points. The result is a closer approach to the underlying distribution, and therefore meets assumptions of normality and the use of interval scales.
    • Recalculated the sample size to reflect a more appropriate confidence

    level of 95%, with a margin of error of 3%

    • Developed appropriate survey follow-up plan including reminder emails and appropriate time intervals between contacts
  • The Outcome

    The candidate successfully defended the proposal/prospectus in 2019.

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Jillian Nichols, EdD

Adjunct Professor, Reinhardt University

“I appreciate your patience with me and with my statistical ignorance throughout this process.  Thank you for everything."

Vince Eugenio, PhD

Senior Manager, Learning Operations, MSC Industrial Supply, Metro Atlanta, Georgia

“I can speak from experience when I say you should see Lynda before writing Chapter 3, to save heartache and headache in writing Chapter 4. I recommend working with a statistician right from the start to help formulate the questions and set up the methodology.  Lynda Idleman not only has the capability to perform the statistical analysis but also the breadth of experience to ask the right questions at the right time.”

Joy Viness, PhD

Principal, Paulding County Georgia Schools

"Thank you for your help, support, and expertise.  I have enjoyed working with you through this process."