Own Your Work! It is YOUR Dissertation!

Grow from doctoral student* to researcher

  • The doctoral student is expected to be in charge of the dissertation process, from concept paper to final defense.
  • The purpose of the chair is to validate your brilliance. Do not mistake the chair for a coach.
  • Things happen more quickly and efficiently when the chair is approached with something firm, and in writing.
  • Limit the number of iterations—show your last work, not your first!
  • Seek permission only when it is required.
  • Behave assertively and with maturity.
  • Students who take control of the process and move forward with broad guidelines approved by the chair and/or committee are the ones who succeed.

A consultant provides expertise to complete your dissertation.

* Doctoral students are completing requirements (coursework, comprehensives, and dissertation proposal) toward a doctorate. Doctoral candidates have passed their proposal defense and are conducting the study and preparing for the final defense.